Sunday, March 28, 2010


I was invited to participate in the "Smog Show" at the Bay Leaf Cafe in Salt Lake City. The show focuses on the crappy air quality in Salt Lake City. It opened on March 5th.
With these pieces I really explored this new cut-outs idea I have been thinking about. I made 5 mixed media, cut-out pieces using watercolor, colored pencil, regular pencil, and glitter. They are each a drawing of a specific landmark in Salt Lake City that is being attacked by a smog monster. The clouds and cloud elements are done with colored pencil. The drawings of the buildings are done in regular pencil. The backgrounds and hands are watercolored.

"Smog Monster!"
"Smog Monster II: Revenge of Smog"
"Smog Monster III: Smog Harder with a Vengeance"
"Smog Monster IV: Son of Smog"
"Smog Monster vs. Mega-Smog Monster"


I forgot to post my 8 fold books in the last post. There are 5 of them. Only 4 were photograph-able, but you can see the layouts below the photographs. Click the thumbnails to enlarge. They are also for sale, so contact me if you are interested in purchasing one.

 "8 Things I Like About You, Alec Baldwin"
"I Was Born, and Then Some Things Happened, and Now I Love My Life"
"A Little Book About Monsters"
"This Thing Happened, and Now I Have Seizures"

And here are the layouts (click to enlarge in new window):


Here are the pictures of the finished pieces for the "Friends of Friends: Works on Paper" show at the GARFO Gallery in Salt Lake City. It was curated by Cara Despain and Kenny Riches, who are both very awesome local artists.
I was asked what my influence was for this piece. Honestly, it was my love of large ferocious animals and celebrities. This is Amy Sedaris and large cats called called "Purr-fect Pals."

 here they are! Amy is about 6' tall.
from the side

close-ups of the heads: cats' eyes are gold glittery and Amy's lipstick is red glittery

Also in the show, and the reason I was invited to be in the show in the first place, is my good friend Claire Taylor.