Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Counterform Exhibit

I forgot to post a while ago, but the Counterform exhibit at the University of Utah Special Collections Gallery is coming down on December 4th.  It is an exhibit of Utah Book Artists' work.  This includes books and book related prints.  I have a book and a broadside in the show, as well as many other talented Utah Book Artists.


Here are the final products for the Shrink-y-dink show at Signed and Numbered.  It is titled "26 Date Ideas for a Date with David Bowie."  The original shrink-y-dink page was 8"x10" and it after shrinking it in the toaster oven, it ended up being almost 4.5"x3.5". Mine warped a little, so I hope they can flatten it out.  The warping is what caused the weird out-of-focus parts in the picture.  They will be mounted in shadow boxes for the show.  It does indeed open on December 4th!

original 8"x10"

final, next to a chapstick (for size comparison)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The next show is up during the December Gallery stroll, which I believe goes up December 4th.  It's at the Signed & Numbered Gallery in Salt Lake.  Artists were given a piece of Shrink-y-dink to design.  Shrink-y-dink is a crazy kind of plastic that when heated in the oven shrinks to about 1/3 of it's original size.  Leia Bell, who is the gallery owner is installing them in shadow boxes.  Pictures to come soon.

Box, Paper, Scissors (final product)

Here are the photos of the finished cigar box for the Box, Paper, Scissors show at Kayo Gallery.  It went to Sandy and Eric Brunvand.
I used a lot of glitter and sequins with some acrylic paint.  Lots of fabric and some DI toys and miniature babies were also harmed in the making of this box.


one angle

other angle

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Box, Paper, Scissors

Come one, come all to the Kayo Gallery in Salt Lake City, saturday night!
From 6-10 pm, Kayo is hosting a fundraiser called Box, Paper, Scissors.  They gave cigar boxes to a bunch of local artists to decorate in anyway they see fit.  The only restriction was that it had to be able to close completely.
Saturday (Nov. 14) night onlythe boxes are on display.  It's a silent auction so, at the end of the night, whoever wins a box gets to take it home and open it.
I got a box and have decorated it.  Pictures will come after the show on Saturday night! so, stay tuned.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Print-X-Change

Leia Bell invited me to participate in the Halloween print exchange at the Signed & Numbered Gallery.  The best thing about print exchanges is that you get a copy of everyone's awesome prints! I was thinking about my past Halloween costumes as inspiration for this print. When I was 4, my mom made me a rainbow polka-dotten ghost costume.

See Fig. 1 
(letterpress printed from reductive linoblocks and metal type. the polka-dots are made from glittery eye shadow so sadly they didn't turn out very bright in the scan. they are actually very vibrant)

NEW WORK/ Signed & Numbered Show

The Dude Wrestles a Tiger (screen print with watercolor)

Hey Kitty Don't Eat That (screen print)

 cover for the People I know and the Things that We Do vol. 3 or 3 (letterpress printed from photopolymer plates, linoblocks and wood type)


a couple pages from vol. 3

the Craigslist Killer (renamed "I didn't Mean to Kill Those Two Hookers" (screen print)
alright, so it's not new work, but it was still in the show

my piece was even used as the ad image for our show

 As promised, here is new work. My coworkers from the Book Arts Program--Claire Taylor, Amber Heaton, Mary Toscano, Becky Williams Thomas, Elizabeth Smith, Allison Cornu, David Wolske and Marnie Powers-Torrey--and I had a show in September at the Signed & Numbered Gallery, here in Salt Lake City.


Hi again,
After a long summer, I am back in action. Being out of school has made me lazy in terms of publishing more work on this blog. But, never fear, I will be posting on a regular basis again.
So, stay tuned for more!