Sunday, November 1, 2009

NEW WORK/ Signed & Numbered Show

The Dude Wrestles a Tiger (screen print with watercolor)

Hey Kitty Don't Eat That (screen print)

 cover for the People I know and the Things that We Do vol. 3 or 3 (letterpress printed from photopolymer plates, linoblocks and wood type)


a couple pages from vol. 3

the Craigslist Killer (renamed "I didn't Mean to Kill Those Two Hookers" (screen print)
alright, so it's not new work, but it was still in the show

my piece was even used as the ad image for our show

 As promised, here is new work. My coworkers from the Book Arts Program--Claire Taylor, Amber Heaton, Mary Toscano, Becky Williams Thomas, Elizabeth Smith, Allison Cornu, David Wolske and Marnie Powers-Torrey--and I had a show in September at the Signed & Numbered Gallery, here in Salt Lake City.

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